Changes to Power of Attorney (POA) Declarations “Pending Taxpayer Approval” May 2019 Tax News

MyFTB Corner

We want to inform you about a POA process change coming this summer. We anticipate this change will become effective in July. This only applies to those POA declarations you submit on MyFTB and do not attach the signed declaration.

Declarations submitted on MyFTB that do not have the signed declaration attached require taxpayers to log in to their MyFTB account to approve. If the taxpayer does not approve the declaration, they remain in a “Pending Taxpayer Approval” status indefinitely.

To efficiently manage these declarations, your client will now have 90 calendar days to approve the pending declaration. If your client does not approve the pending declaration within the established timeframe, it will expire and be rejected.

If I no longer have a business need for the pending declaration, do I need to do anything?
No. We will reject the declaration when it expires.

If I still have a business need for the pending declaration, what do I need to do?
Contact your client and advise them to log in to their MyFTB account and approve the declaration. If they do not have a MyFTB account or do not have access to their MyFTB account, advise them to contact us at (800) 852-5711 for instructions on how they can approve the declaration.

How can I check if I have declarations that are pending my client’s approval?
To check the status of declarations you submitted on MyFTB, see:

Watch for more details in next month’s Tax News.