MyFTB Corner May 2018 Tax News

Security enhancements coming to MyFTB

On June 24, we will upgrade MyFTB with enhanced security changes to better protect taxpayers’ online confidential data. These changes only relate to your online account access in MyFTB. Below is a summary of the changes.

When we approve a new Power of Attorney (POA) or Tax Information Authorization (TIA) relationship, we will automatically grant Limited Online Account Access to your client’s information in MyFTB. We will continue to mail your client a letter notifying them that the relationship has been approved; however, there will no longer be a 10-business day hold to access the account online or contact us.

Limited online account access

With Limited Online Account Access to your client’s account, you can:*

  • View notices and correspondence sent from us in the last 12 months.
  • Chat with us about confidential tax matters.
  • Send us secure messages with attachments.
  • Request Full Online Access to your client’s online account.

*Information for Power of Attorney representatives is based upon the year(s) listed on the declaration.

Full online account access

If you need Full Online Account Access you must request the access and your client must approve (also referred to as opt-in).

How the process works:

You request Full Online Account Access in MyFTB from your client’s MyFTB account. We mail your client a letter with the authorization code they can use to approve access (the code expires in 30 days). Your client can choose 1 of 5 ways to approve the request:

  1. Call our Interactive Voice Response system.
  2. Go to our online service at
  3. Approve the request in their MyFTB account.
  4. Give the code to you to enter in their MyFTB account.
  5. Call us to talk to a Customer Service Representative.

If your client does not respond to the letter or denies the request, you will retain Limited Online Account Access.