MyFTB Corner May 2018 Tax News

Additional tips when submitting Power of Attorney Declarations

In March, we shared common rejection reasons and solutions for power of attorney (POA) declarations and tax information authorizations, see Help Ensure Your Tax Information Authorization and Power of Attorney Declarations are Accepted. This month, we are sharing more tips that can help your POA declarations to be accepted:

  • Make sure all representative names that are listed on the POA declaration match what is keyed into MyFTB. We will not be able to process declarations where the representatives keyed into MyFTB do not match the representatives listed on the declaration. (Example: Five representatives are listed on the declaration, but only two are keyed into MyFTB or vice versa).
  • Upload only the POA declaration for the client entered in MyFTB. We will not accept multiple declarations uploaded into one taxpayer’s account. Declarations for spouses and registered domestic partners must be submitted in each taxpayer’s individual MyFTB account.
  • Use only FTB 3520 PIT or 3520 BE forms. We no longer accept mismatched forms, including non-FTB forms or previous versions of FTB declaration forms.