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Manage your Tax Information Authorization (TIA) clients in MyFTB – What you need to know

For uninterrupted access to your clients’ online account information, it’s important to renew your TIA clients in MyFTB timely. You must have your client’s permission to renew your access to their online account information.

Need continued access to your TIA clients’ online account information? 

You can renew access through your MyFTB Tax Professional account.

  1. Select the Renew link next to your client’s name.
  2. Confirm you are authorized to continue to access your client’s online account information.
  3. Submit by selecting OK.

We will send a letter to your client notifying them that you have renewed your access to their online account information.

When will my TIA clients expire in MyFTB?

Access to your TIA client’s information will expire 13 months from either the:

  1. Date you added or renewed your TIA client on MyFTB, or
  2. Signature date on FTB 3534 (Tax Information Authorization) if mailed to us.

Can I renew my TIA clients after they expire?

No. If a TIA client relationship expires, you will need to add your client again as a new client on MyFTB or mail a new FTB 3534 to us.

Can I renew my TIA clients any time before they expire?

No. For uninterrupted access, you must renew your TIA clients more than 10 business days before the expiration date.


  • 02/21/2018 - TIA client added on MyFTB
  • 03/06/2019 - Last Day to renew TIA client (More than 10 business days before expiration date.)
  • 03/21/2019 - TIA client relationship expires (13 months

Do I have to request Full Online Account Access again when I renew my TIA clients?

No. If you have Full Online Account Access when you renew your TIA client, you will retain it

Visit How to Renew a Tax Information Authorization (TIA) Client for more information.

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