Remind your clients to update their address with us March 2018 Tax News

Make sure we have your client’s most current addresses

While it is not always intuitive to taxpayers, remind your clients to make sure we have their current address when they move, even if it is out of state. We have 4 years to audit a tax return and collection issues can remain unresolved much longer. One error we often see is that taxpayers neglect to include their apartment, suite, or space number (for mobile home parks) on their tax return.

Did you know that we receive nearly 50,000 returned refunds each year because of returned mail? While most returned refunds are eventually resolved, taxpayers are frustrated with the delay. Even more disruptive is when we are trying to contact taxpayers regarding a filing error or to notify them of an unpaid tax debt where collection action will follow.

While we actively look for taxpayers’ most current addresses, we are not always successful. To ensure that your clients are not caught off-guard by not receiving a timely notice or refund, we are asking for your help by reminding them to keep their addresses updated.

Your clients can report a change of address the following ways:

  • Login to MyFTB. Complete a one-time registration process to create a login account. Then login to view your account information or update your address and phone number online.
  • File a personal income tax return with the full and correct address information.
  • Mail your estimate voucher (Form 540-ES), if they pay estimated tax, with the full and correct address information.
  • Mail a change of address form (FTB 3533).

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