MyFTB Corner March 2018 Tax News

Estates and Trusts in MyFTB for Power of Attorneys

Currently, Estates and Trusts (E&T) are unable to register for a MyFTB account; therefore, Tax Professionals cannot access their E&T client accounts on MyFTB. However, Power of Attorney (POA) representatives can still view notices and manage POA declarations for their E&T clients in MyFTB:

  1. View Notices – POA representatives can view their E&T clients’ notices for the year(s) listed on the active declaration (this functionality is available for all POAs). When a notice is issued, we send an email notification to the email address listed on the POA declaration. You do not need to include an email address on the declaration to view the notices in MyFTB, but without an email address, you won’t receive notification that a notice is available to view. If you need to add or update an email address see Add or Edit a Representative’s Email Address on an Active Power of Attorney (POA) Declaration.

To view notices for all Power of Attorney clients:

  • Select Client Notices from the Tax Professional Overview page (this page displays up to 200 notices and correspondence FTB sent the taxpayer in the last 60 days).
  • Select view detail for your client.

Note: Notices for E&Ts are not viewable on MyFTB for Tax Information Authorization relationships.

  1. Manage Your POA Declarations – For declarations received after October 2, 2014, POA representatives can manage their declarations in MyFTB, including updating representatives, revoking a declaration and adding or updating an email address.

To manage a declaration:

  • Select Client List from the Tax Professional Overview page.
  • Select view detail for your client.

For more information on the use of MyFTB or to file a POA/TIA go to