Cannabis clients who need to pay in cash March 2018 Tax News

Here is our policy for cannabis clients that are only able to pay their tax obligations with cash.

As tax season approaches you may find that clients in the cannabis industry are only able to pay their obligations with cash. It is important to note that we have a no cash policy. Please see our payment options page. However, we recognize that some taxpayers may experience a hardship if required to pay by means other than cash. Those taxpayers may apply for an exemption to our no cash policy using FTB 3711.

Once the exemption application has been received, we will respond in writing within 2 business days. If approved, the taxpayer or their representative may then contact their nearest field office to schedule an appointment to make the cash payment. Requests for appointments need to be made at least 2 business days prior to the date you wish to make the payment.

If the taxpayer is required to make mandatory e-payments, we recommend that you also complete and submit Form 4107, Mandatory e-Pay Election to Discontinue or Waiver Request for individuals, or Form 3816, Electronic Funds Transfer Election to Discontinue or Waiver Request for business entities, each time a cash payment is made.