Coming June 23, 2019: FTB’s new website June 2019 Tax News

Our new and improved website design was built with all our customers in mind. The new site will focus on tasks instead of customer type. As you can see from the new home page below, visitors will find common tasks such as File, Pay, Tax Forms, or Refund Status right across the top.

file, pay, refund, forms

The amount of content on the new site will meet the needs of more than 95% of our visitors. For those who need something they can’t find, there will be request processes built into the search results. Below is an example of the online request form. Send us the broken link or a description of what you’re looking for, and let us know if you need it in any special accessible format. We will email that document back to you… usually within just a few business days.

content request

If you bookmarked your favorite links, you’ll need to reestablish those links with the revised FTB web pages. To reestablish links, search for your content from the search box. Outside searches such as Google and Bing may take a while to update.

Here are some important dates to know:

  • June 22: The website will be down for renovation
  • June 23: New site launches!
  • June 24: MyFTB back up after renovation.  

Questions? Please contact Public Affairs at (916) 845-4800.

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