Intuit Lacerte and Intuit ProConnect Tax online standalone electronic funds withdrawal payment process change June 2018 Tax News

Beginning with tax year 2017, Intuit Lacerte and Intuit ProConnect changed the process for submitting California estimated tax payments

California estimated tax payments for individual and fiduciary returns are now transmitted electronically through Intuit’s tax wizard. A separate transmission must be made for each quarterly payment, using the tax wizard.

We recently realized that the change in this process inadvertently created some confusion for you. Some of you that submitted California estimated tax payment requests did not actually transmit the payments as intended. In addition, preparers of California estimated tax payments that were not transmitted correctly, may have received an acceptance letter via the software erroneously indicating that estimated tax payments were scheduled.

Intuit distributed a letter to tax professionals using their software, explaining this issue in addition to outlining the remedy. If you believe a payment has not been scheduled as intended, Intuit has advised using the tax wizard in Intuit Lacerte and Intuit ProConnect Tax Online software to ensure that your payments have been transmitted. If they were not actually transmitted, you should check with your client to verify if they made their estimated tax payment by other means (e.g., Web Pay, check, etc.). If they have not made their payment, please submit them as soon as possible. You can use the Estimated Payments Wizard to submit payments; or you can advise your clients to use our Web Pay to make a payment online.

Additionally, we are collaborating with Intuit to identify impacted taxpayers’ accounts. As a courtesy, we will allow first and second quarter estimated tax payments to be considered timely if received by June 30, 2018, for any affected taxpayers.