Tax Appeals Assistance Program January 2019 Tax News

Information now available

As of January 1, 2019, the Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office began administering the franchise and income tax portion of the TAAP.

The TAAP is a valuable program that offers free legal assistance to eligible taxpayers of limited means who have filed an appeal to the Office of Tax Appeals on an action taken by the Franchise Tax Board. The TAAP can assist in cases acknowledged by the Office of Tax Appeals where the amount being disputed or the amount of refund being claimed is less than $30,000 for certain tax issues.

In circumstances that the TAAP may be a better option for your client, please refer your client to our website. We have added information about the TAAP on the Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office page, in the Your rights as a taxpayersection. Taxpayers can email or call (916) 845-6227 for more information on TAAP eligibility.