MyFTB Corner January 2019 Tax News

Requesting Full Online Account Access in MyFTB

You can now request full online account access to your client’s information at the time you submit your Power of Attorney (POA) declaration or Add Client Tax Information Authorization in (TIA) in MyFTB.

Filing a Power of Attorney Declaration

  • Use the updated declaration FTB 3520 PIT or FTB 3520 BE that includes the Request MyFTB Full Online Account Access for Tax Professional(s) section
  • Select Yes on the declaration (Part V) or Full in MyFTB (using the POA wizard)
  • The information entered in MyFTB must match the declaration
  • Request for online account access applies to all representatives listed on the declaration
    • Online account access level applies to all existing/active POA and TIA relationships you have with your client 
    • The request will also apply to any relationships the other representatives have with the client
  • Upload the POA declaration FTB 3520 PIT or FTB 3520 BE
    • You may not need to upload the POA declaration if your client has a MyFTB account; they can approve the declaration (which includes the request for full online account access) in their own MyFTB account.

Adding a TIA Client

  • Select Full from the Online Access Level screen (there is no form to upload when adding a TIA client)
  • The online account access level requested will apply to the TIA and any existing POA relationships you have with your client

If submitting a TIA by mail, use the updated FTB 3534 that includes the Request MyFTB Full Online Account Access for Tax Professional section.

Once we approve the POA/TIA, you will automatically receive limited online account access to your client’s information. If you requested full online account access, we will send your client a letter with the authorization code(s) to authorize or deny full online access for each representative listed on the POA/TIA.

See our November and December Tax News Articles, Requesting Full Online Account Access Gets Easier and We’re Expediting Full Online Account Access Requests for more information.