Inside FTB January 2018 Tax News

Website improvements

We are continuously looking for opportunities to make improvements to our website and online services. To better serve our customers, the following website improvements have been implemented:

  1. New Google search tool – Implemented November 2017. This new tool is already providing better search results. As our customers use the search function on the website, it will continue to self-improve.
  2. New “Last Updated” date on each webpage – Implemented December 2017. The new updated date located at the bottom of each page will change whenever that webpage is modified. This new feature will improve customers’ confidence in the freshness and accuracy of the content on that page.
  3. Use of tabs within webpages – Implemented July 2016. You will notice the new use of tabs on some webpages to help our customers better navigate to useful information or tools. Check out the Report Identity Theft, Tax Fraud, & Scams webpages for an example of this new feature.

We encourage you to continue to provide your feedback through our Taxpayer Advocate and website page surveys. Your feedback is crucial and instrumental in many improvements we make to our website.