Enhancements to the “stand-alone” electronic payment process January 2018 Tax News

New payment types available

Beginning January 2018, business entities and tax practitioners will have the ability to submit an electronic fund withdrawal (EFW) request for additional payment types using tax preparation software.

These payment requests will be accepted as “stand-alone,” and can be submitted separately from the e-filed return. The return can be filed at a later date.

The following new payment types will be available:

  • Corporation estimate payments
  • LLC annual tax payments
  • LLC estimated fees

As a reminder, the following payment types are also available through our stand-alone payment process:

  • Individuals
    • Estimate payments
    • Extension payments
  • Fiduciary (Estate/Trust)
    • Estimate payments
    • Extension payments
  • Business entities (corporations/limited liability companies/partnerships)
    • Extension payments

Contact your software provider to see if they support “Stand-Alone” EFW payments.

Business entities and tax practitioners will still have the ability to submit EFW requests for return and estimate payments with the e-filed return using tax preparation software.