California Tax Education Council targets ghost tax preparers February 2018 Tax News

The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) will expand its 2018 public awareness campaign to target tax preparers who do not sign tax returns, also known as ghost tax preparers.

CTEC and our Public Affairs Office will work together during the 2018 tax filing season to warn California taxpayers about ghost tax preparers through media relations and social media.

All CTEC public awareness efforts will focus on driving traffic to its microsite The microsite will educate taxpayers about ghost tax preparers in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Through the microsite, CTEC can track the percentage of taxpayers who take action after seeing a CTEC advertisement, social media post, or media report.

We have also discussed expanding CTEC enforcement to include pursuing ghost tax preparers with CTEC.

What is a Microsite? A microsite is a separate website commonly developed by an organization or company that wants to measure the effectiveness of a specific campaign. It usually takes more creative leaps in design, is focused on one message and has a different website address.