Still not using Web Pay? December 2018 Tax News

One of the more frustrating issues taxpayers and tax professionals encounter is when they mail a payment to us and it doesn’t get credited to the account in a timely manner. This can be due to several reasons, which include delays in mail delivery, incorrect or missing information (tax year, tax identification number) on the check when it is sent, and of course, human error.

A quick and easy way to avoid many of these problems is to make payments using FTB’s Web Pay, which is available for a variety of individual, fiduciary, and business entity payments. Web Pay is free and you don’t need to register to use it. However, if you do register for MyFTB and then access Web Pay while logged in, you can:

  • View the status of payments made using Web Pay.
  • Cancel pending payments online.
  • Save your bank account information for future payments.
  • Save your spouse/registered domestic partner information, if applicable.

With Web Pay you can schedule payments now for a future date and you can avoid a potential penalty for paying by check if you are subject to mandatory e-pay.

Take a look at our extensive Web Pay FAQs. These will answer many of your questions about how to use Web Pay, the many different types of entity payments that can be made, and who to contact in the event you have a problem with a payment that you’ve made.

Using Web Pay is quick and easy and you receive immediate confirmation that we have received your payment request. You can even make a payment from your bank account for someone else, if you have their tax identification number. Give Web Pay a try!