MyFTB Corner August 2018 Tax News

Limited online account access in MyFTB does not limit active power of attorney or tax information authorization privileges

Once we approve a Power of Attorney (POA) or Tax Information Authorization (TIA) the relationship between you and your client is active and all authorized privileges are in effect. You can immediately contact us by phone, chat, or in person to receive the information you need to resolve your client’s tax matters. The only access to information that is limited is the access available using MyFTB.

With an approved POA or TIA you can view limited tax information for your client online using MyFTB. However, to receive Full Online Account Access to your client’s information, you must request it and your client must authorize your request.

For additional information on what information is available with both Limited and Full Online Account Access or how to request Full Online Account Access to your client’s information, see MyFTB Tax Professional Online Account Access and How To Request Full Online Account Access (Opt-In)