New vouchers allow for single payment for multiple taxpayers (or debtors) April 2019 Tax News

We continue to look for opportunities to streamline our payment process to better serve our customers.

In 2018, we developed two new forms to assist employers, payroll companies, financial institutions, and tax professionals with submitting a single check for multiple personal income taxpayers. In 2019, we are releasing new forms for businesses and for payments related to both Court-Ordered Debt and for Vehicle Registration Debt.

Submitting a single check and form for multiple taxpayers instead of one check per taxpayer increases efficiencies for you and us. This saves you time and keeps all of the payment information for multiple accounts on one document. Providing the appropriate form based on taxpayer type with all the supporting information allows us to effectively process your payment and apply the credits exactly as requested.

Simply search for the form number you need, follow the instructions on how to fill it out, and include it when you mail your check.

Personal Income Tax (including Estates and Trusts)

  • Multipayment Voucher Submission for Individuals (FTB 5007) is used when the check is for personal income taxpayers
  • Multipayment Voucher Submission for Estates or Trusts (FTB 5008) was created to specifically provide the estate or trust information related to the payment.

Four New Forms Just Released!

We released four new forms customized for Businesses and for Court-Ordered and Vehicle Registration types:

Businesses (Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, and Corporations):

  • FTB 5012: New Business Filer Attachment

Note: This form expedites processing when submitted with FTB 5013 for any entities that have been marked as a new filer and is not needed when FTB 5013 contains no new filers.

  • FTB 5013: Multiple payment Voucher Submission for Business Entities

Non-Tax Debt Payments:

  • FTB 5014: Multiple payment Voucher Submission for Court-Ordered Debt
  • FTB 5015: Multiple payment Voucher Submission for Vehicle Registration