Need to contact us? April 2019 Tax News

We recently updated our information directory, both on our website and the publication, California Franchise Tax Board Information Directory (FTB 1240). If you’d like a printable version, search FTB 1240.

There are many direct contact numbers to specialists who can help you, in addition to the Tax Practitioners’ Hotline. For example, if you have a question about nonwage withholding or liens we have specific contact numbers for you. Additionally, there are dedicated telephone lines for liens and the Offer in Compromise group, just to name a few. These numbers have a high level of access, which can save you time. It’s important to remember though that each of these business areas work exclusively with certain issues and cannot provide general assistance or account information unrelated to their core function. So, if you have specific questions other than for filing assistance, take a look at our directory to see if we can help you

Go to the California Franchise Tax Board Information Directory for more information.