MyFTB Corner April 2018 Tax News

Enter your PTIN in MyFTB for Faster POA and TIA processing

We can process your Power of Attorney (POA) declaration and Tax Information Authorization (TIA) relationship requests faster when you’ve added your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) in MyFTB.

Haven’t registered for a MyFTB Tax Professional account?

Use your PTIN when registering for a MyFTB Tax Professional account.

Already registered?

If you didn’t use your PTIN when you registered for your Tax Professional account, you can add it anytime by updating your profile.

To add your PTIN on MyFTB:

  • Select Update Contact Information from the Profile drop down menu located on your Tax Professional Overview page
  • Select Edit ID numbers located on the ID Numbers section
  • Enter your 9 digit PTIN