How to request a FEIN for an entity with an incomplete name on FTB 763B

We have established a dedicated email to enable business representatives and tax professionals to request needed FEINs associated with the Identification Number listed on the FTB 763B, Assigned FTB Identification Number – Partnership notice, when the name on the notice is incomplete.

What to include

Provide the following:

  • FTB Assigned Identification Number shown on the FTB 763B or FEIN
  • Entity Name

A reply with the FTB Assigned Identification Number and associated FEIN will be provided within 2-3 business days.

Please note: This mailbox is only intended to assist business representatives and tax professionals who are unable to discern which partnership their new FTB identification number is for. No other confidential or proprietary information will be shared from this mailbox. Any other inquiries will need to be made using our FTB contact us channels.