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Individuals Data

These personal income tax topics and datasets contain statistics from tax returns filed since 1955.

Adjusted Gross Income Data Categories

  • AGI Data Categories: Includes over 150 categories of AGI information, such as student loan interest, mental health tax, Net Sale of Capital Assets Profit (capital gains), and more.

Other Common Data


Datasets for individuals, by category.


Adjusted Gross Income

  • Adjusted Gross Income, by County:
  • Adjusted Gross Income Class Comparison, All Filing Statuses:
  • Adjusted Gross Income with Accumulated Percentages:
  • Adjusted Gross Income, Taxable Income, and Tax Liability, by Taxable Year:

Filing Tax Returns

  • High Income Returns by Income Level and Average Tax Rate:
  • High Income Returns by Income Level Type and Average Tax Liability:
  • Personal Exemptions, Dependent Exemptions, and Standard Deductions:
  • Sole Proprietorships, by Major Industry:
  • Special Tax Credits Allowed:

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