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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Return Information Notice - Code EP

We revised the amount of estimated tax payments shown on your return because our records do not show the same amount received.

Why did I receive this notice code?

Your estimate tax payments did not match the total amount of payments on record for this tax year. The following are common reasons why there may be a difference between your estimated tax payment records and ours:

  • You sent your payment to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • You wrote the wrong social security number on your check or voucher.
  • We made a mistake when we entered your social security number in our files.
  • You requested transfer of your 2014 overpayment to your 2015 estimated tax payment, but there was an error on your 2014 return that changed the amount available to transfer.
  • You claimed the amount you paid for your 2014 tax as your first quarter estimated tax payment for the 2015 tax year (both due 04/15/2015).
  • If you filed using the Married Filing Jointly status in 2014, but you filed using a Single status in 2015 and made no allocation of the estimated payments, your spouse may have claimed the payments.

What do I need to do?

If you agree with our revisions, you do not need to contact us. Please update your records. If your notice shows a revised balance due, please pay the amount due.

If you do not agree with the revision, review your records to make sure that the estimated tax payment amount matches the amount you sent. You can view your estimated tax payments and other account information online.

If your records show payments other than those on our notice, please contact us and be prepared to provide the numbers we stamped on your canceled checks to help us locate your payments.

General Information about your notice.

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