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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Return Information Notice - Code AI

We revised the amount of withholding claimed on your return. The paragraph below explains why. We based the amount of withholding allowed on your Forms W-2 or CA Schedule W-2, Forms 1099, and other withholding documents. We also may have received information from other tax agencies or your employers. Please note, you cannot claim the following Form W-2 or CA Schedule W-2 items as California income tax withholding:

  • State Disability Insurance (CASDI, SDI VPDI).
  • Local tax withheld.
  • Any income tax withheld for another state.

Your withholding documents were illegible.

Why did I receive this notice code?

We did not allow the amount of withholding you claimed because we were unable to read the information on your withholding documents.

What do I need to do?

Compare your tax return to your Form W-2 and make sure you entered the correct amount. State withholding is in box 17.

If you agree with the revision, you do not need to contact us. Please update your records. If a revised balance due exists, please pay the amount due.

If you do not agree, please contact us. Please provide a clearly readable copy of your withholding documents. If your copy is hard to read, contact your employer to get a better copy, or complete form FTB 3525, Substitute for Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.

General Information about your notice.

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