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October 2015

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2015 State Income Tax Rate Schedules Adjusted

We released the 2015 state tax brackets. Brackets are “indexed” each year by adjusting them to reflect changes in the California Consumer Price Index.  / more+

Interest Computation Adjustments Update

Earlier this year, we became aware that a limited number of individuals or business entities meeting a set of specific criteria may be subject to interest computation adjustments.  / more+

State Tax Relief for Victims of the Wildfires in Amador, Calaveras, Lake, and Napa Counties

Taxpayers affected by wildfires in Amador, Calaveras, Lake, and Napa Counties are automatically eligible for qualifying disaster loss treatment under the terms of a new law covering areas where the Governor declares a State of Emergency.  / more+

California’s Earned Income Tax Credit – Additional Information

As we shared earlier this year, California will offer an Earned Income Tax Credit for Form W-2 wage earners for the 2015 tax year.  / more+

FTB Audit Roundtable Update - Second in a Series

Earlier this year, we conducted two Audit Roundtable Sessions with representatives from large accounting and law firms, a sampling of large corporate taxpayers, and other interested parties.  / more+

Public Law 86-272: Let’s Be Clear

Public Law 86-272 (15 USC Section 381) prevents the state from asserting its right to impose a tax based on net income, such as the corporate income tax or franchise tax.  / more+

Real Estate Withholding Process Improvements Continue

In our May article, Real Estate Withholding Process Improvements, we outlined many of the improvements made by the Withholding Services and Compliance Section to improve customer service and accuracy of real estate withholding.  / more+

Withholding and Transfers

When your client wants to know if withholding is required when there is a transfer of California real property, the answer is yes.  / more+

California Real Estate Withholding Installment Sales Webinar

Learn about California’s real estate withholding installment sale process.  / more+

Do You Have a Nonconsenting Nonresident (NCNR) Members’ Tax Credit to Claim?

All multiple member Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) who have nonresident members are required to file form FTB 3832, Limited Liability Company's Nonresident Members’ Consent, with their FTB Form 568, Limited Liability Company Return of Income.  / more+

Ask the Advocate

It is a Busy Fall!

One of the things I enjoy most about being the Taxpayers' Rights Advocate is that it provides me and my staff with the opportunity to be involved in many different ways that can have a positive impact for practitioners and taxpayers, including meeting with many of you during the year.  / more+

Event Calendar

As part of education and outreach to our tax professional community, we participate in many different presentations and fairs.  / more+

EDR in the News

See what’s new with our new Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) project.  / more+

All About Business

S Corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)?

Back in 2013, we did a three-part series of articles on the differences between S corporations and LLCs. / more+

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