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Secure email is an efficient, secure, and easy method for us to communicate confidential information to you, without installing software on your computer. Secure email encrypts the data sent to you. Regular email fails to meet our security standards to email confidential data.

We place high importance on the security of private and confidential information. To ensure emails sent from us are protected, emails sent externally may be encrypted by the sender or the department dependent upon the content of the email. Secure email cannot be initiated from an individual outside FTB. Currently, the use of secure email is limited to specialized business purposes.

One form of confidential information that we cannot send by secure email is Federal Tax Information (FTI). The IRS does not permit FTI to be sent outside FTB in any email, encrypted or not.

If you receive an encrypted email, please follow the instructions to open and view your encrypted email.


Secure email.

Does it matter how I respond to our encrypted email?
We do not require our customers to encrypt their email responses to us. We understand that some prefer to just reply from their inbox. We suggest that you protect the private confidential taxpayer data and prevent potential identity theft and respond using the send secure button once you have logged in.

Can I use the same user name and password for secure email with other FTB employees?
Yes. You only have to register one time. Any future secure emails from us will not require a new password. In order to reply and send information securely to us, you must first receive an encrypted email.

How do I forward a secure email?
To protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information, we do not permit the recipient to forward secure email.

I registered for secure email and did not receive an account creation confirmation email. Why?
Your account creation confirmation may have been identified as spam by your email service’s junk email filter. Check your junk email inbox for the account creation email. If you are still unable to retrieve your secure email, please contact our technical support at

Who do I contact for additional help?
Contact our technical support at

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